How much perfomance effect does a led monitor have?

so i was watching this video

it compared the difference between led backlight and regular monitors. Since im currently looking to buy a new monitor i want to know how much it will effect me fps wise if i get a led monitor. I have a Evga GTX 560 ssc ds. I want to play all the latest and up coming games but if a led monitor will effect the fps to much then i would rather not get one. Please let me know if it makes a minor or major difference.

-thank you
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  1. What about the video gives you the impression that led lcd will affect fps??
  2. LED is just the type of backlighting in the monitor. It won't have any more or less frames per second compared to a regular lcd monitor of the same resolution.
  3. LED backlight has no effect on FPS; it is just light. The performance depends on the LCD panel itself used in the monitors you are looking at.

    The colors on both monitors looks way off to me. Those guys should have properly calibrated both monitors before comparing them side by side.

    - LED backlight uses less power than traditional florescent backlit monitors.
    - LED backlight monitors can be thinner because the light is emitted from the edge of the monitor. Florescent backlit monitors is thicker because the florescent lamps are directly behind the LCD panel.
    - Because LED backlit LCD monitors are lit from the edge, they tend to have more backlight bleeding around the edges of the monitor.
    - A few people have complained the colors are a little bluish on LCD monitors with LED backlight. This is because the LED used are actually blue LEDs with a yellow phosphorous coating to imitate white.
    - Dynamic Contrast Ratios on LED monitors (and HDTVs) are blown way out of proportion. The true measure of contrast is the Static Contrast Ratio and is typically 1000:1.
  4. Most ccfl lcds still have the backlight along bottom and they are quite thin, maybe 3mm tubes. The thickness is because of the power board. That vid is a year old but generally normal lcds have better color accuracy but led lcds look better. Tom's did an article about ccfl vs led awhile back.,2930.html And there are also numerous other monitor reviews.,2/Monitors,8/

    The fps in the vid was different because there were different scenes showing. Like others have said, there is no difference in fps.
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