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I just bought a domain name and enabled port forwarding on my router to use my home server to host my website. The only ports open are 20, 21, 22, and 80.

What steps or changes can I make to reduce the chances of being attacked/hacked?

Found this article but don't know how reliable it is nor if it'll cover all the bases.

The specs for my server are shown below:
* Athlon II X3 (will upgrade to Phenom II X4 as soon as possible)
* 320GB HD (I gutted an external HD so I'm guessing it's spinning at 5400 rpm)
* Antec Earthwatts 380W
* Biostar A880G+
* Ubuntu Server 12.04
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    Have a read about protecting your server against ssh attacks ( something like ). This includes RSA keys, blocking IP's that are trying brute force attacks etc.
  2. So what if the only port open on my router is port 80, will that take care of external SSH attacks?
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