6850 Crossfire performance issue

Hi ,

Lets start with my specs : cpu - amd fx 8120 overclocked to 3.9ghz on air (26c idle- 48c load stable) , corsair ddr3 1333 8gb (2X4), gigabyte 990fxa ud3 , 2X sapphire 6850 1024mb 256bit (default clocks 775 / 1000) (42c -71c(top card)), 2 X western digital 500gb caviar blue , corsair cx600 600watt (it is enough) .

Ok the fps in the latest released games (average fps), keeping in mind everything maxed and the resolution is 1980 X 1080 :
Battlefield 3 - 55 - 80 fps
Dirt 3 - 70 - 80 fps
crysis 2 - 50 - 60 fps

So the problem lies in these game ( all maxed out) (all patched to the latest):
GTA episodes from liberty city - 19 - 25 fps
Assassin creed 2 - in the 20 ish range
Assassin creed brotherhood - 20- 35 fps
Crysis (which btw i raged quit because of the lag ) - 15 -20 fps

Also keep in mind the latest drivers are installed (catalyst 11.12) , i also tried setting the affinity to 4 cores but still no decent performance infact no performance at all .

Please help out here and thanks
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  1. GamersAreTheBest said:
    cpu - amd fx 8120

    Found your problem.

    Well, probably. Windows doesn't really know how to use this architecture so it bottlenecks itself.

    I've heard plenty about GTA being a pile of crap on PC and barely running on the beefiest rigs. I don't know about AC, but they are on the same engine so it makes sense that they have the same issue. Try google.

    As for Crysis, well it is a bitch. Turn the AA down to 2. There's also mods floating around for "better graphics and performance"
  2. BF is pretty CPU intensive so if you can run that you should be able to run all the other games aside from GTA IV (worst pc port in the world).

    The fact that some games run fine and some don't makes me think it might be an issue with the games rather than the system, but idk.
  3. guys u know what is funny i ran gta eflc on a single card and guess how much fps i got 25-30 fps unbelievable .

    @wolfram23 : i have searched the internet before posting and all the solutions was a waste of time , it seems like i did make a mistake buying this cpu , i was blinded by the cores , cache , the overclocking thingy and price , i should have gone for an intel / nvidia based system .
    I heard of a hotfix for this problem , but when it was released i guess a week before windows cancelled it , bummer i didn't get the chance to try the fix .
  4. any solution other than drivers , renaming , modes and affinity , please let me know .
  5. I would say it is the console ported games that are the problem here.
    The hardware is kicking butt. Sounds like you are doing pretty darn well.
    Just to elaborate
    As mentioned above windows has issues fully using this new processor now picture console ports you mentioned below the awesome results you ended up getting.

    Ok the fps in the latest released games (average fps), keeping in mind everything maxed and the resolution is 1980 X 1080 :
    Battlefield 3 - 55 - 80 fps
    Dirt 3 - 70 - 80 fps
    crysis 2 - 50 - 60 fps


    As mentioned Crysis is a biatch and the super new CPU support may be the issue in this one case.
  6. ok so what should i do now i want to play these games .

    also fallout new vegas i am getting 59 - 60fps constant . I now down clocked my cpu to 3.62ghz and disabled an option in the bios (i forgot that option what it is called) and am getting a constant speed 3.62 ghz even at idle , is that good also add temp 37 - 47ish.

    thanks for your time and help

    EDIT : cpu temp 36 - 53 c
  7. The HD6850 in CrossFire is a known issue.

    They have a problem with a phenomenon called micro-stuttering.


    I do not think the FX series is that bad as to cause bottlenecks in gaming(especially when overclocked), they just did not live up to expectation and the name FX.
  8. Microstuttering is completely different from FPS drops or poor overall performance. Microstutter is a very, very small stutter - as the name literally implies. It is not the same as a low fps slide show. Instead, microstutter is when everything seems to be running well but just not smoothly, even at 40+ fps.

    OP: Sounds like you disabled Cool N Quiet (or whatever the new version is). I would suggest not doing that as it just wastes power. CPUs should downclock at idle.
  9. @wolfram23

    i think the option is AMD KB.... something , the problem is the system when overclocked (cpu wise) and that option is auto the system gets hiccups (ya hiccups) , i overclocked the cpu now to 4ghz temp 30 - 48c (the faster the less the temps are , lol ) .

    It seems the only way to play gta is to buy a ps3 (give me a break) , somebody tell me what is wrong, people get playable fps in this game with crossfire and please don't tell me it is the cpu , because if it was then i would have not got a decent fps in the newly released games . (also add Mafia 2 - 58 - 60 fps with vsyn on )
  10. curious what are the games like running on 1 card ? This does not appear to be a hardware issue. Perhaps contact the makers of the assassins creed games.
    Please try crysis on 1 card and let us have the results
  11. crysis 17 - 25 fps (single card) .
    ok any ideas for gta ?
  12. does gta also give better results with 1 card ?
  13. "guys u know what is funny i ran gta eflc on a single card and guess how much fps i got 25-30 fps unbelievable "

    but when you like move the mouse to the left or the right it lags like hell !
  14. ok i have tried the following (with crossfire) for GTA ;

    - the "commandline.txt" result 2-3 fps increase
    - reformatted my computer result same bad performance
    -installed enbseries result same bad performance
    - drivers uninstalled and reinstalled like 20 times (which btw made my GPUs act all crazy result SAME BAD PERFORMANCE
    - graphics settings for gta (all low) - same bad performance which btw is 10- 15 fps!!!!

    Please anyone help me out here

    Some more benchmarks -

    R.U.S.E - 39 - 45 fps
    Total war - shogun 2 - 39 - 43fps
  15. I came up with a theory and hopefully it is the reason for this problem i have ;

    the power supply - who ever said 600 watts is enough for a pair of 6850 , forgot to say "if your cpu doesn't consume that much power" .
    In my case i have the bulldozer which is to be honest a power hungry component , also me overclocking it makes it even more hungry .

    So i went and removed the second 6850 and overclocked the cpu to 4.2 ghz (that is how much i could get to (stable)) and the benchs were mind blowing ,

    Battlefield 3 - 38 -45 fps (all ultra with fxaa (but no aa)
    Dirt 3 - 40 - 45 fps (all ultra with fxaa (8x aa) ) (and no cockpit lag)
    Assassin Creed Brotherhood - 50 -60 (all ultra ) (4x aa)
    Dirt 2 - 67 ish ( all ultra ) (8x aa)
    Fallout new vegas - 50 -60 (all ultra ) (noaa)

    If you look at my first post becnhs and compare it with these benchs you will see that a single gpu performs actually way better and i am positive now if i get a power > 650watts and return the 6850 back in my system I would max out any game with no problems and get a fps > 60 .

    And thanks to all that have tried helping me i really appreciate it !
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