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  1. Do you have a certain budget so that I can offer you an alternative build?
  2. I am looking to spend $600-$800. :)
  3. Wait for somebody to give you an intel build or if set on AMD look for a phenom 2.

    Really I have a HTPC with that 4100 CPU and as i have posted before its awful (A hamster on speed with a calculator shoved forcefully in the CPU socket may do a better job). My gaming rig has an unlocked and mildly OC'd 960T and outperforms it easily. She Who Must Be Obeyed uses the snoozedozer build and I'm lucky she thinks low settings look cool!
  4. Quote:

    Phenom 2 960T its better than the 4100 really :)

    Oh thanks :)

    I was just looking at the 4100 because it was a part of a combo deal, but I will look at that as well!
  5. At 800, you can get the i5-2500k.
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