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First off, if this is the incorrect place to post I apologize, first time posting on this thread, and first time posting based off any computer issue.

My issue(s) while I can live with it, have become more and more of a nuisance. It's become slow, very slow, to the point where programs stop responding completely. So far the main culprits have been Ventrilo (Voice Chat program I have had longer then my PC) Yahoo! Messenger, Google Chrome web pages and it's plug-in's will often crash such as shockwave player forcing me to try and refresh the page. I'm unsure how exactly to explain this issue but the best I can say is lock ups, programs crashing, and over all becoming very slow at points. While i am one to run multiple things at once, its starting to do this with even simple things running. Programs that should be more then able to handle. in World of Warcraft or Minecraft I receive constant DC's in which I must restart a join. (No its not my internet connect I've check, I have a very reliable ISP)

i currently have a HP Pavilion Elite e9220y PC, with an updated Power supply and GPU (AMD) with Windows 7. The upgrades occurred shortly after New years this year and I did them myself. Currently my PC is about... 5-6ish years old. Any other information I can provide, anyone able to lend some insight on these issues?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. can you show us temps for cpu and gpu when it is like this and not like this?

    Speedfan, hwmon can both show you this.
  2. I downloaded Speedfan and uploaded the picture for when it was running normally and waited until it started to act up. From what I could tell the temps were relativly the same, changing only by a few degree's. I had a friend suggest that I should clean out my fans from dust, but I usually do this once a month. Last time I cleaned it out was early this month, I don't think dust would accumulate that quickly when in a normal environment. I rarely if ever hear the full force of the fan working.

  3. temps are fine.
    i'll have a think, someone else might have ideas.
  4. Thank you, I'll be searching myself to try and find the issue.
  5. I'd run memtest overnight
  6. Hmm, never heard of it. But I'll give it a whirl and hope for the best. I'll run it overnight and post results in the morning.

    EDIT* It seems that I'm unable to get this program to work.
  7. how much memory do you have?
  8. I have 919GB on my hard drive, 476GB of which is free. So nearly a terabyte total. I also use to external hard drive that's about 500GB for backing up important files. I thought perhaps defraging my computer would help, as I haven't done that in a while. But that should only speed up the retrieval of fragmented data on my hard drive, in my experience it can help, but doesn't make that much of a difference. I don't think it would affect loaded programs themselves, with the delays/unresponsive. But I could always be wrong.

    EDIT* Oh and about 8GB of RAM.
  9. i'm at the scratching head stage.

    Logically slow downs can only be caused by a lack of resources, i.e. not enough memory (ok), lack of HDD space (ok), lack of processor power (not throttling so should be ok), or some kind of system error (not checked).

    Can you run a full chkdsk, as if the hdd is failing and causing corruption then this would be a cause, and do a full virus scan starting with rkill and then malwarebytes
  10. I thought perhaps my CPU was just getting old, as my computer is about 4-6ish years old. But many other opinions insist it doesn't sound like hardware issue. I have norton on my PC that is always on, and Maleware bytes is run regularly. But I'll do all that suggested, thanks so much for your help. I know helping a issue with a computer when you arent At the computer can be challenging. Especially when I'm not even sure what is going on.
  11. well processors just work, they don't get slower with age, windows (and other software) gives them more to do as time goes on, but this seems worse than that.
  12. Whew, finally got all the scans finished. I did a chkdsk scan, downloaded and used rkill, maelwarebytes and did every scan Norton offered just to be safe. They all turned up completely clean. Although, I did receive an error, I occurred right as I was disconnected from ventrilo/yahoo messenger while talking to a friend in hopes of gaining some more insight as to what can be going on. I posted a picture of it, I doubt its relevant but I want to be thorough.

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