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My GTX 580 Issue

Hey guys,

This is my graphics card:

This is my Motherboard:

I am using an I7 2600k, and according to this chart on Wiki...

My CPU is only capable of supporting PCI 2.0, however I have a motherboard that only has PCI 3.0 slots. This is were I think I trapped myself. A few days ago I built my computer and as I was about to install my video drivers, I kept getting errors from both the CD that came with my card and the Nvidia website saying that no compatible graphics hardware could be found. I tried uninstalling the integrated display drivers and installing the video card ones but it would give me the same error. Nothing appears damaged on my graphics card or motherboard and the fan on the card spins when plugged in.

I think I just purchased a motherboard that can't use my graphics card? The details of the card say PCI 2.0 support, all my slots are 3.0, nothing looks damaged, and the fact that it can't detect hardware makes sense because of the slot issue. Am I right to believe that the issue is the PCI 3.0 slot's incompatibility with my PCI 2.0 graphics card?
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  1. Your Hardware is compatible regardless of slot version. Have you tried installing the drivers in safe mode? When you have the monitor hooked up to the card you are getting display?
  2. When I have my monitor plugged into my graphics card I don't get a signal. I haven't tried to install the drivers in safe mode...Ill see if that works now.
  3. If you do not get a signal when hooked up to the card and PCIe power cables from PSU are hooked to the card then the card can be faulty!
  4. Well I'm back, and I feel pretty lame right now...So what was happening was I used the wrong power cables for the card. I switched them to the correct PSU cables and now my video card works fine and is running the current drivers. Thanks for the help bro.
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    Great news enjoy!
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