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Hi guys!
ive decided to stick with my sandy bridge computer, rather than switch to llano. however, ill need a good heatsink for my new build. does anyone recommend a good heatsink for lga 1155 that is easy to put on? eg, no complicated backplates or bolts, just a easy to apply heatsink, similar to the sockket fm1 heatsink
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  1. The only option available without using a bolt/backplate system would be a push-pin system that uses push pins but I don't know of a single good one so maybe someone else does.
  2. backplates are a lot less complex that push pins, amd does have a nice solution, but that shouldn't be the basis of your buying decision.
  3. The easiest would be the stock intel cooler.
  4. amuffin said:
    The easiest would be the stock intel cooler.

    but the push pins are horrible
  5. Well, that is the "easiest" method.
  6. amuffin said:
    Well, that is the "easiest" method.

    how many threads have we both seen where the push pins have been badly fitted, and how many where screw downs have been badly fitted, I'd say its 10+: 0
  7. Where did you get the notion cooler backplates are complicated? It's one of the least potentially problematic stages in a build.
  8. would there be any other cooler with any other method, the larger the cooler is, the more the back plate is needed because the large heatsinks and fans would add a lot of weight onto the screws, hence the stock one would be the easiest to install.
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