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Graphics Card Woes

Okay, so I bought a new graphics card: a Sapphire 6850HD. The problem? It does not fit in my standard sized HP P7-1054 case.

I guess I need one that only uses one slot...this one does not fit in the back panel part. And yes, I took out what I could from the back panel of my CPU.

Any recommendations? I'm really not savvy on these kinds of things. I use photoshop extensively and I run Second Life. I do not do hardcore gaming, but Second Life can be rather demanding.


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  1. Yes. It's this my computer. It does not fit because the back panel does not come out all the way to accommodate the hdmi/tv hook ups on the back of the card. What I can take out only allows for a partial fit. I wish I could explain it better, but I can't take out enough back panel on my PC to make the card fit.
  2. Really would like to see that, i think i do understand what you mean but i can't see how that is possible. Weird.
    Any chance of taking a picture and upload that ?
  3. Btw, you still have the 250W powersupply ? Then the 6850 will not work anyway . . .
  4. Found a movie from a guy unboxing that pc ( there's always a fool with a camera :lol: ) and at 3.38 i can see the back. It really should be possible to fit.
  5. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Btw, you still have the 250W powersupply ? Then the 6850 will not work anyway . . .

    No, I upgraded to a 500W. Picture forthcoming.
  6. you will need to buy a specific 1 slot gpu then.

    Here's the back of my PC. The part selected in green is where my card would fit to. I can only remove one of the panels - the other is solid metal.
  8. why can't you remove it? looks like a easy to break away part thats meant to be broken off if you needed to.
  9. the picture of the screwdriver means break away slide or remove.
  10. undercovernerd6 said:
    the picture of the screwdriver means break away slide or remove.
  11. If the screwdriver doesn't work ; get your grinder !
  12. Really? I would think that busting up my computer was not the way to go, but..if that's what it takes..I'd rather keep my card than go and get a new one. >.>
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    And you won't find a worthwile 1 slot gpu, all the nice ones are 2.

    Anyway ; the part with the screwdriver is meant to be taken out, brake away, otherwise you never could use a card.
    The small part in between the parts with the screwdriver which can be removed ( the part in the green ) stays there, it shouldn't be in the way of your ports.

    Not sure but i think you have to loosen the big part left also, is that a screw just above the word remove in the green cirkle ?
    Not sure but it looks a bit the same as mine, i have to loosen the screw and can swing that part out of the way then, place the card and turn that part back and screw it back on.
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