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Should i put the card?

I just got my PC, almost all; I'm still waiting for the video card (gtx560ti) that will arrive in 2 or 3 weeks. I wanna play some low games (like wow), what would be better:
(motherboard is a p8z68-v, i5 2500k & 2x4gb ram sniper)
-Play with the integrated graphics.
-Or put my old ATI 4670HD.

I don't know if the graphic card may cause some bottleneck to the cpu or something :S.
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  1. almost always a dedicated will provide better performance and your i5 won't bottleneck on a 4670
  2. Depending on your PSU I don't see the GTX 560 ti bottlenecking. you got a Z68 chip set with i5 4 gigs of ram I have see worse. Are you running 64bit or 32bit OS? With this card you will be able to really injoy your games. Good luck to you.
  3. the 4670 will not be worth putting in and installing drivers. the HD3000 should be almost as powerful and be sufficient for wow.

    also that CPU is fast and the gpu will be the limiting factor in gaming. The 560ti should be powerful enough to play anything today.
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    Actually the 4670 is a good deal faster than the Intel HD 3000 IGP, ten tiers above the HD 3000 IGP on Tom's Hardware Graphics Hierarchy Chart, so if you want a decent experience in WoW while you wait, put it in, cleaning out drivers when you get the 560Ti shouldn't be a huge problem.
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