Anything wrong with 2600K for photo and video editing?

I haven't upgraded my PC in 4 years. I've purchased nearly all of the components except the CPU.

Initially I wanted to get the latest and greatest, i.e. i7-3770.

But the 2600K is a lot less and it's just as fast and OCs better. Anything wrong with the 2600K?

I've already ordered Asrock Z77 Expreme4.
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  1. Nothing wrong with it, in fact it's more than what most people need ;)
  2. I couldn't remember what things you miss out on with Sandy Bridge CPU. I think this is a more or less compete list of IB advantages:

    (1) PCI 3 support; by the time this becomes an issue I'll upgrade.
    (2) uses less power at stock speed. not an issue in desktop PC.
    (3) Better integrated graphics. Don't care; I'll have a discrete GPU.
    (4) Better security. Can't get excited about this.

    Did I miss anything?
  3. Enjoy!
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