B.S. Logitech Support, what can I do?

Here's the deal. I bought this wireless keyboard and mouse 2 years ago when I first was building my PC. Bit of an impulse buy, but it was basically what I wanted and to be honest it all worked pretty well.

Except for one thing. The keyboard had the absolute worst battery life imagineable. I had to change batteries at least once a month, meanwhile most wireless keyboards will work fine for many, many months no problem.

So I finally look into it, realizing it can't be normal, and sure enough, there's a support item on it:

My keyboard falls into the range that has this known issue, so I contact support using their form. Filled out all the part #, model #, etc info. I just put in the comment:
My keyboard has very low battery life which I see is a known issue.

So the reply I get says this:
[me], as I understand from your email, your Logitech EasyCall Desktop shows that it has a low battery charge. My sincere apologies for the issue that you have experienced from the device.
Withregard to your issue, please verify the exact software that you have installed in your Windows 7 x64 operating system.

Ok... don't really see how that matters, but I go with it. Simple reply:

I have been using the latest software (via auto updates) since purchasing the EasyCall combo, currently on controls center version 6.32.7, driver version 5.33.14. The problem however isn't that it shows low battery, but rather that the batteries die after only 2 or 3 weeks of usage (or non-usage, as I have returned after a weekend to a dead keyboard).
In comparison, my girlfriend bought a different Logitech wireless keyboard and after a year she has not changed batteries.

You would think this explains the situation well enough. Keyboard is faulty, right? Well, apparently "not"... Here's the reply I get:
Thank you for your update.

Unfortunately, your device is not Windows 7 compatible which the reason why the software is acting up. The device was made mainly to work with Windows Vista and lower operating systems. It is not because we do not want to support our products. Its just that the device can no longer keep up with the upgrade Microsoft has done to their OS that is why we are releasing new types of devices to keep up with these changes. I am sorry for the bad news.

So basically some how this is a software issue... so my keyboard just magically gets drained when I'm not even using it (as in, overnight and weekends) because I have Windows 7? No. Just no.

I might still have a chance, because I was only upgraded to Win 7 here at work a few weeks ago, so I did in fact use that keyboard for a few months on Win XP Pro and still had the issue.

Regardless, the point of this thread is two-fold. First, how can I convince them their product is broken? And secondly... Logitech support isn't very good, apparently, so beware.
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    Hi :)

    Logitech has probably the best support I have ever spoken to...and I speak to a LOT of support lines as I own computer shops in the UK...

    Example....I rang them as one of my own wireless keyboards was not responding any more.... the keyboard/ mouse set was around 4 years old and cost around £40...they sent out a top of the range replacement set costing £160....

    This was from the UK and when you ring the UK number they put you through to Logitech support in Switzerland, which is where the company is based.

    Try ringing them...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Well I sent them a reply to try and explain the situation better... but hey, maybe I should just call Switzerland lol. Right now it seems like they want to do anything they can to not have to pay for their own shoddy hardware.
  3. Well that sucks.

    It's kind of ridiculous they would provide software for Windows 7 64 - then slap you in the face saying it is not compatible.
  4. I have nothing but good things to say about Logitech Support. I wouldn't imagine that they are lying to you about Win 7 supporting your keyboard. Especially since the Easy Call pre dates the release of Win 7.

    I have RMA'd 2 wireless mice and Harmony Remote, only having to physically ship one of the mice back. The others I was simply told to dispose of myself.

    Sounds like its time for a new keyboard.
  5. I have been buying Logitech stuff for some time now and like their style of gear

    But still annoyed with my G19 KB a bit - the interface for the little onscreen display has been a little buggy on and off... updates never seem to fix it but can live with this

    The Really annoying part is on Every PC restart having to unplug its USB connection to my PC or booting fails while poling the motherboards USB ports

    + Must have an old fashioned KB also plugged in to get past any pre-windows prompts that might come up or to access the BIOS >_<

    Obviously have tried changing all possible BIOS settings relating to the USB in the BIOS...

    Suspect it is a joint fault of Logitech and the Asus Motherboard...

    I had the same kinda battery problem with my Cordless Desktop MX™ 5000 KB Really like its style back then, but chewed through too many batteries...

    bought loads of types of High capacity rechargeable batteries to only find out how poor so many were...

    Sticking wired stuff from now on for main use

    Opened one support ticket or two but they led no where and stopped trying after that -.-
  6. Well, good news. I called their support since the emailing was going nowhere, and they were able to help me. They're sending me a new MK710 wireless mouse and keyboard set as compensation so all is well.
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  8. excellent, the way it should be
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