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Hey guys, are the VGA Duct and Holder (both optional) worth getting for this case?
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  1. it comes with them
  2. If I remove the side fan and get just a side-window, but add the additional exhaust to the top, will I do anything to screw up the airflow and cooling of the case?
  3. What card are you getting because I think alot depends on the cards cooler (my opinion)
  4. I have been looking into the GTX 670 FTW, and if I can't git that into my budget, then I will get just the 670.
  5. What I did is remove the funnel thing from the side but left the fan there (then the bracket fits). The top exhausts the rear one is the important one the forward one makes little difference (I saw no temp change adding it). The duct thing that you can add a 120mm fan too doesn't make a massive difference either I think its more a marketing novelty than anything practical
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