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Im currently buying some aftermarket cooling for my GTX 480, and i noticed on the VRM cooler from Thermalright there is an option to add an 80mm fan to the radiator. Thermalright only sells clips for 120mm fans. What other options do i have for attaching this fan in a way that it wont move or rattle against the radiator?

Pic of the radiator:

Thank you!
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  1. 1: that cooler you linked the pic to is a vrm cooler for an ati 4890 or 4780. Its not desined for your nvidia 480. 2 heatpipes isn't gonna cut it, not for a 480. Sorry.
    2: it comes with clips for 80mm fan.
  2. Here is the link from where i will be ordering. The model is supposed to be made exclusively for the GTX 480. Is there a way to confirm whether this will come with clips or not?
  3. Wow. That wasnt on their site earlier but its shows up now. Its just an R1 with an adapter plate. Theres no way its going to cool a 480 gpu. And if its like the R1 it mounts to the voltage regulators and not the gpu processor. You'll need another cooler for that. And yes it should come with the fan clips but I cant verify that either. The R1 definitely did.
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