Problem with gtx 560 ti and Gta 4 PLEASE HELP!

I have gta 4 running on a custom system built recently.


core i5 2500k
corsair vengeance 4 gb 8 latency
asus saber p67 mobo
Adata 128 gb ssd OS
Seagate 1 tb storage
Evga gtx 560 ti stock speeds with driver 285.62 Latest
Cooler master 650 w psu

Problem is the game doesn't get fps. Barely 5 fps when I start. If I run a benchmark it says I am getting 60 plus fps. After that I start the game and it plays really clean for 2 mins then windows shuts it down and says memory low close program which it does automatically. Also I get load failed errors when loading my save files to my profile. Local or winows live it won't load my files even when I put them in the folder that the game specified for it.

I really need assistance finding what is the problem with this. I play bf3, fear 3, halo 2 pc, fear 1, and other games without any issues with this configuration. It is really bugging me because I played gta 4 on my older laptop with a radeon 5650 with NO issues.

Need to know if its the gpu or the game. Thanks
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  1. It is the game which is badly coded. Make sure you have all patches installed and play with in game settings.
  2. Which patches do I need?? Does the game have different coding for amd based gpus which is why it played on my radeon card?

    Also why would I keep getting the failed to load save files error? The files are there in the correct save file folder located in app data.

    Also this guy has the same problem
  3. Are you also using a pirated copy?
  4. Mousemonkey said:
    Are you also using a pirated copy?

    I got the game from someone but didn't have the key so I used the crack. I did buy the game recently but before I open the box I want to be sure of the issue so I don't waste 20 bucks.

    The cracked version worked on my last computer.
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