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Hey guys,

I did a build using an EVGA 560Ti 1gb superclocked. It was ~$250. The card says it can do 900mhz but I've only found it to be stable at 850, maybe 860. This was dissapointing, but upon research I found alot of overclocked 560ti owners from different companies having to turn down their OC, some to 820, which is near standard spec or slightly OCed depending on exact model. This makes me think that 850mhz then, for a 560ti, isn't too bad. Upon close examination of the board, however, I found grotesque over-application of thermal grease the protruded (I mean like 4mm) out of the processor/heat sink meeting area. Its a gobby mess that any home builder would be ashamed of. Should I bother with another card, maybe even a different model of 560ti from a different company? Or is the workmanship here pretty much standard across companies and maybe i should count myself lucky to get 850mhz? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I'm running factory oc 900mhz, heard people going high as 1000, so 850 on a factory oc is not good.

    Did you try the latest drivers, did you remove the old drivers, what is your psu ?
  2. The paste spill is not normal btw, never seen that. Sounds like a factory goof up or more like a rma'd card that is refurbished.
  3. Lol, allways remember to ask another thing when i allready replied.

    Do you know temps when it becomes unstable ?
  4. Temperatures get hot quickly, it goes to 65 easily during EVGA stress test but never becomes unstable at that point, or even during gaming with the temps at 45-55. The crashes seem to come at very random moments actually. My PSU is a 750W Corsair Enthusiast. One thing tho... I have a SilverStone upside-down case (which i've been really liking) so the GPU fans face sideways... could this be effecting anything? The amount of thermal paste is truly grotesque though.

    Edit: Forgot to say I DLed latest Nvidia drivers from their site. Im tempted to try a beta version they have supposedly to enhance Skyrim but, I dunno, beta drivers scare me a bit.
  5. 65 is very much ok, anything higher than 80-85 is worrying. Mine does 75 at gaming. Gpu position makes no difference, looking at your temps it might be even better.

    I would RMA it only because of the paste, though that might not be the thing what's giving the trouble. Evga has a good return policy i believe, the thermal paste and the not working factory oc should be enough.

    Don't know about the beta drivers, can't help you with that.

    Psu is fine.
  6. Yeah, the thermal paste is troubling and when you mentioned the word 'refurbished" the alarms went off in my head. I will definitely RMA the card.

    Looking through audio settings it seems like the Nvidia HD audio was going simultaneous to Asus Xonar drivers. I disabled the Nvidia HD audio, and brought the card back up to 900mhz, so I guess I'll wait and see if it does anything for stability while I wait for the packing slip. Even if the problem is elsewhere its good to confirm my suspicions about the funky paste job. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Maybe, still i have been using both mobo and gpu audio at the same time for a while without knowing ( or giving problems )

    And it should have effected it at the lower speeds also.

    Anyway, good luck with the new one !
  8. This is common w/ EVGA....I argued w/ them for 18 months on a factory OC'd card that couldn't hold the factory OC. .... they finally gave me a next gen "reference" card at a performance level about the same as the previous gen OC model.

    The 570 is the model that everyone read about w/ people frying their cards VRM's.....The Asus factory OC'd model however had a 6+2 design for their VRM and larger cooler and I've not heard of anyone frying those.....the VRM on the Asus 560's is beastly. As you can see here it's a 7 phase design:,2858.html

    The card gets crazy OC's .... 1070 MHz which is a over 30% OC over reference speeds.

    As a side note, the way I managed to finally got EVGA to "bend" and replace the card was, after they were blaming every other piece of hardware in the system, is I stole the two factory OC'd Asus 560 Ti Cu TOP's in Son No 3's box and put them in Son No 2's box......they ran perfectly at 1020 Mhz and no voltage bump while the 295 GTX FTW would crash at anything that was over 10% of the difference between refernce clocks and the factory guaranteed OC......that's not 10% OC mind other wors....if it was an 80 Mhz OC, bets i could get was 8MHz
  9. Thank you, Jack. I'll check out the Asus options. That's quite a large OC they have going in that review. I am lucky enough to be within the 30 day Tiger Direct return policy, and told them that once I filter through more reviews Ill order the next card through them as well. They were cool with it. In the process now of checking out reviews and you linked me to the best one by far. This Asus card looks like a good option, the customer rep I talked too also suggested Asus.
  10. Just wanted to post an update... I decided to exchange for another EVGA 560Ti. I got a little worried about driver/software switch and figured I'd give EVGA one more chance before going to Asus or MSI. New package came, and it had items I didn't get in the first one: An owner's manual and "Powered by EVGA" decal. So I guess the first card MUST have been previously RMAed since it was missing that stuff. I don't know if EVGA tried to sell a refurbished card to Tiger Direct, and then unwittingly sent it to me, or if Tiger Direct was the guilty party. Pretty despicable, but the new card is worlds better. The thermal paste was applied clean and the new card is much more stable. Right now I have it overclocked to 940mhz and its pulling 50-60fps in Skyrim @ 55C-60C (1920x1080, FXAA on, AA off, AF 12x, Shadows High, everything else maxed) Thanks for everyone's input. I'll probably go with a different company next time around but in the meantime the new card seems to be pulling its weight, and delivering good performance for the money.
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