Fixed "Gameport Joystick." issue (VIA & SB LIVE!)

Well here is what I've done:

IRG 5 reserved for soundcard (put in PCI slot3)


formatted hard drive (only the primary partition - I have partitions :) )

Reinstalled win98se

Installed Latest VIA Apollo133pro drivers (version xxx9) (I have Asus CUV4x - Via Apollo 133pro chip)

SOS: when asked I didn't install AGP drivers at Turbo mode but I put "STANDARD MODE" - this because in turbo mode I get problems with DVD Software players (ATI, POWERDVD, WINDVD...)

Installed FIRST of all: VGA drivers - Only drivers - no applications.

then: Installed from cd SBLIVE!5.1 "all the software and drivers EXCEPT "DOS Drivers". I disselected "Dos Drivers" choice, in order to avoid the SB16 emulation... to be installed - though it seems now like it IS installed (? !)

then installed all the other multimedia applications...

bla bla, and now I don't have the problem with "gameport..."


Blue Skies Bring Tears
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  1. Well, a fresh installation of windows solves 95% of the problems :)

    In my case the problem was the vjoy.vxd stayed in my PC from the AWE32.

    In your case it was a diferent (unknowned) problem.

    Anyway, you MoBo is difent than mine... i have also a Via but a KT133a not Apollo Pro 133.

    Glad you finally solved it, as you can see, you were about throw it out of the window, when you sould actually throw Windows of the Window (Funny ehehehe).

    Don't believe blindly in what you hear! - Play safe! Play hard!
  2. Check this link out:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Believe me, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  3. I did the exact same thing you did yesterday morning and it finally worked. Don't know if it was the order or what, of course I used cd drivers, the one's i d/l from creative gavve me the not enough space on your 40gig drive error.

    My Jesus is whiter than your Jesus.
  4. Well, I have read that the "order" does play some important role, but I'm not sure. Anyway, that problem was not the only one I had, so what did I do...?
    I went and changed my Via mobo and got an Intel815, and I have to tell you. I AM FREE OF PROBLEMS NOW.
    ouf. Finally.
    (Sorry, Via sucks, yet)

    Blue Skies Bring Tears
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