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Can you output through Mobo HDMI & Discrete card concurrently?

Hello, Thanks for reading my question and your help! Here are the relevant pieces of information

My Rig:
i5 2500k
gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud3
2 monitors & a television

My Goal:
Output to to all three monitors at once.

I currently have no problem getting two monitors to work. My GPU card has an HDMI output, and I can hook the TV up to it. All three monitors are recognized by windows. I'd like to move the TV to the HDMI output on the motherboard, possibly utilizing the 2500K graphics to power the TV. I was thinking that this way I wouldn't have to switch configs any time I wanted to use the TV output.

When I plug the TV into the HDMI output on the motherboard as the comp is set up now, windows doesn't recognise that it is there. I checked in the device manager to see if it was there, and don't notice a 3rd monitor output anywhere.

Is this even possible? Would I have had to have purchased a motherboard with a different chipset? I looked on google for about 2 hours, but couldn't find a straight answer. I'm not sure what Lucid software is, but saw it mentioned many times. Do I need this?

Thanks for your time!
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    You should be able to. Make sure the igpu is enabled in bios. The igpu will need to be set as primary if you want sound out of the hdmi on the mobo.
  2. could you report back and let us know if it works? I was wondering the same thing and will have a similar setup, gigabyte h67 & a gtx570
  3. Yes Yes Yes! Thank you so much! This worked!!

    I found in the BOIS, under the "Advanced CMOS Setup", there was an option for "Integrated VGA." It was set to auto when I went in there. I changed it to "Enabled" Now I just have to be careful about not swinging my mouse off both sides of the screen when I'm playing
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