Which graphics card is better?

Just wondering which graphics card would be better in terms of gaming and multitasking.



Sapphire 11191-02-20G HD 6570 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card:

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  1. Hello & Welcome.
    Both cards are extremely identical in performance, the HD 6570 is a modified HD 5670 maybe you can experience 1 frame more with the HD 6570.

    Regarding the additional VRAM in the HD 6570, simply it doesn't make any difference HD 6570 512MB is the same as HD 6570 1GB is the same as HD 6570 2GB, the GPU itself is not strong enough to handle the additional VRAM.

    They will do fine enough to make the game run smooth @ 720P If budget is no issue, get HD 6770.
  2. Neither

    get a gtx 460
  3. Any better cards within the same price range as that?
  4. Better cards will range between £70-£80
  5. Seeing as the 6570 has DDR3 ram, I would think the 5670 with its DDR5 would be faster.
  6. No, GT430 is a junk gaming card. SLIGHTLY faster then a GT220. Even the GT240/9600GT is faster. The GT430 came about because Nvidia wanted to give us a cheap card that could handle 3D video which is what it's best at. It's a very solid HTPC card. But unless you are running a 3D TV, you're better off with something else.
  7. How about the sapphire HD 5670?

    Any better card under £65?
  8. An old 8800/9800GT? Lacks DX11, but would be faster then the 5670/6570.
  9. I need DX11 with pixel shader 5.0/5.1 to play the latest games, any others?

    Maybe a ATI Radeon HD6750 PCI-E x16 1GB GDDR5 ?
  10. What's your total system specs & monitor's max resolution?
  11. Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0 Motherboard with 4gb dual channel 4gb ram, 1440x900 (HP w1907s) 480-550W thermal take PSU
  12. Problem you have is any game that is DX9, the 9800GT will be faster then those cards, and any game that really requires DX11/SM5 the 5670 won't be very good at playing. It was barely a midrange card when it came out, and for newer games that need what you want, its low end. You'd really want a 5770/6770 at least, if not a 6850 or better. Thankfully you do play at a small resolution, but that makes AA all the more important.
  13. Thanks, I'm currently looking at them now.

    I also found this it could be useful:
  14. I'd say spend a bit more and get at least a 6770 unless your budget is really tight.
  15. I like the link. It can show you what the cards your looking at can do. Notice that the faster 5670s and similar can only do around 30sFPS at 1440X900 on crysis warhead. And thats with no AA. Most people on such low resolutions like to use lots of AA. A pity that the list doesn't have a 9800GT in there. I think a lot of people would be surprised where it scored.

    Try to get a 5770 or 6770 if you can. If not, just do the best you can. If budget says you can only get X, then thats all you can get.
  16. Ill get the Powercolor that esrever suggested, but is Powercolor a good GPU overall?
  17. It's ok. But you could do a lot better.
  18. With what other card?
  19. I meant Powercolor is ok. But you could do better then them.
  20. Any other on that page which would be better?
  21. I would get one of the XFX or Asus cards.
  22. Looks good. XFX is a good company, and he has lots of sales with 99% rating. I would get that over the Powercolor any day.
  23. On my power supply it says 550W Peak load, does this mean that it can go upto it, cause the XFX needs 500W
  24. if you have just one DVD and one hdd you will be fine with the PSU. what you`re trying to do is a tough job- playing good games for cheap.....cant do man. save money for something better or you will end up trashing some 5770s very soon and you will be stuck with the same problem.
  25. Yes i have a dvd drive which i disconnected as i never use it and one hard drive that i might be upgrading soon
  26. Peak? What PSU do you have?
  27. Thermaltake PSU 480W (550W Peak load)

    Sorry for the late reply wasn't on the computer much.

    I have brought a HD 5770 and was wondering if a vga to dvi adapter would be better than a vga to dvi cable.
  28. PSU is junk. You'll want to replace it but it should run the 5770. Most use adapters, I've never seen a cable.
  29. Thanks for the quick reply as always. So the PSU can run the card with no faults?
    I'm only using 1 HDD


    Btw, i want to do a dual monitor setup, since i only have vga cables, should i get 2 vga to dvi adaptors?
  30. As I said its junk. You should be able to get away with using it for awhile, but I wouldn't let that PSU anywhere near my computer.
  31. Oh okay thanks for the info.

    Can you answer my second question please :)
  32. They would be DVI to VGA adapters, and yes unless you want to buy new cables/monitors.
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