CPU performance / 3DMark 11 Concern.

Computer specs:

Asus GTX 590
i7 2600k OC'ed to 3.9 Ghz (liquid cooled)
8GB of G.Skill Ripjaws RAM
1000 watt PSU

In 3Dmark 11, using the "Performance" preset, all of the graphics tests were some FPS above what they are supposed to be according to benchmarks - which indicates that my GTX 590 is working properly.

However, I got 23-24 FPS in the physics test. I'm not sure whether that FPS is normal or not, but I have an i7 overclocked to 3.9 ghz.

Can somebody let me know if I should be concerned about the FPS I got in the physics test, or if that FPS is normal?

Thanks in advance, guys.

EDIT: Thank you mcnumpty23 for the response. I'd appreciate some more input just to confirm that my numbers are correct
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  1. seems right

    just tried with my 2600k clocked down to 4.4ghz(hyperthreading on) and overclocked asus gtx570

    31fps 1st test 27fps 2nd test

    P6518 3DMarks

    Graphics Score

    Physics Score

    Combined Score

    3.9ghz seems rather low for a water cooled 2600k
  2. Thank you mcnumpty. I know it's pretty low, but I had it at a stable 4.4 before so I'm going to bring it back to that now.
  3. no problem

    4.4ghz or 4.5ghz is almost guaranteed with decent cooling on a 2600k

    can do 5ghz on mine with a corsair h80 in push pull with 1.4v

    though usually run it at 4850mhz to be on the safe side
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