Black screen and looping sound.

Issue: After a random amount of time playing graphic intensive games on my laptop I get a black screen and sound loop. Rendered unable to alt-tab, ctrl+alt+del or anything at all. Must hard reboot.

What I've tried: Reinstalling games/graphic drivers, CPU/GPU stress tests, clearing vents of buildup, testing RAM, reformatting, using older versions of graphics drivers, and updating BIOS.

Gateway FX P-7805u
Processor: 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
Memory: 4GB, 1066MHz DDR3
Chipset: Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS
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  1. Temps what are They and is your laptop now dead or does it die when you are playing?
  2. CPU temps are normal. My GPU likes to hang out at 75c at idle sometimes >.>. Most often it's mid 40c idle. I can't check my temps while playing a game because my games don't allow alt+tabbing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the laptop, though, aside from the way it acts during 3D games.
  3. With MSI Afterburner I see my temps I see my cards usage and the clocking and FPS. I don't need to alt+tab It runs up in my left corner while gaming.

    If it isn't temps then I would say something else is going out and since I not that good with laptops. I was hoping it would have been an easy problem to fix. maybe someone else could help this person.

    If you don't have MSI Afterburner here is a link to it. If no one helps repost the question. If all eles fails take it into a shop. I am sorry I wasn't able to help you but I do wish you the best of good luck and I hope you get this fixed.
  4. Took more than a year of scouring tech blogs to fix my wife's and my gateway fx p-7805u black screen of death and sound looping problem in games we'd previously had no problems with. Had tried everything incl: all driver updates, temp monitors, thorough system cleanings, thermal paste changes, heat sink changes, bios alterations, "gutting/rebuilding" my laptop, et. al ad nauseum. Many fellow enthusiast did try to assist, but to no avail. A lot of individuals with this system/nvidia card are frustrated beyond comprehension.

    Refusing to submit and upgrade to newer laptops, I fortunately "Sherlocked" across this link:

    Hope this resolves your predicament. As I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

    Best comp wishes,

    First-hand combatant of many comp "experiences" for over 20 years.

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