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Can the email notification be dumped??

In the "new" build of the forum program, I'd like to see the email notification of a response to a thread be removed.

People, always newcomers, as their first and usually only post want an email of the solution to their problems.

I have a reply for them:
We don't email ANYBODY.

If an answer is given, it is for the benefit of everybody that visits these forums, not just you.

Most people that want an email have posted the same question to multiple forums and are too lazy to check back where they posted and want an email to save them the trouble of looking for themselves. Maybe this is you, maybe not. We have no way of knowing so emails are not sent.

The problem is that they may have the email notification turned on as the default and they still get a notice that somebody answered them in some way or another. I say make them come back and look. [:tigsounds]

Can this be done? If not, why not?

This is a site that lets people save tons of money by obtaining instructions on how to fix their computers themselves instead of taking it/them to a shop. They should have to come back to see the free help they received.

edit: Still mastering English punctuation (ESL)
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    I don't think email notifications are working anyway :lol:
  2. Woa... I just started getting nag emails to select a best answer...

    So guess what randomizer... You're it. :D
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