Will 500w be enough for this build?

i am going to be upgrading my computer to:

GPU - Radeon hd 7850 OC
CPU - Phenom x4 965 black edition @ 3.4ghz
RAM - 8gb corsair vengeance @ 1600mhz
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H @ 200mhz
Optical Drive: CD-ROM

my psu is - Fortron FSP500-60APN 500W (85 PLUS) ATX12V, so is this a good psu or do i need a new one for this build?

ps. ive been using this psu for a year now if that matters.
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  1. I would strongly recommend a new PSU for your build. The Fortron appears to be from the Pentium4 era.

    It doesnt look like that fortron has an 8pin cpu power connector. You will need to get an adapter or a new PSU. It also only has 1 pcie connector but then you only need 1 for that gpu. Make sure your adapter is a 4pin to 8pin, not a molex to 8 pin. You dont have enough room power-wise on the molex rail to run the cpu and the gpu.

    Powerwise it has 18a available on each of the two 12v rails (= 216w) so it should run the GPU ok. Again I stress it *should. Alot depends on capacitor aging, and true output (manufacturers like to lie). Your card will use about 125w leaving 90w to run everything else (cpu not included)

    I wasn't able to find a review of how good the quality of it is.
  2. so i wont be able to connect the cpu to the psu without an adapter?
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