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So I built my new computer but I was thinking about the fans and wanted to ask a question about it.

I bought the max number of fans, and have an H100 under the two top fans, but was wondering which direction I should have airflow on the remaining fans to get a better cooling. I am just not sure if I made the right choice or not.

Thoughts on the case and best fan placement or whatever you call it?
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  1. Normal setup is always

    front/bottom/side = intake
    top/rear = exhaust

    That still counts with an H100 in top. Should give solid temps.
  2. So if the top fans are the exhaust fans, then does the h100 need the fans it came with on the inside of the radiator or just have the radiator by itself under the large exhaust fans?
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    to be more precise, since hot air rises, front should always be intake. if a fan it placed on the back at the top, it should be exhale. all top fans should be exhale, as for the side ones, it depends on where the side fans are placed, as well as how much air can get past your gpu. if your gpu is so large that almost no air can pass through, have the side on exhale, if not, then the side is usually an intake fan if its placed near the bottom.

    in the end the fans air circulation should either be

    L shaped with air coming < and exhaling ^
    as well as Z-ish shaped where air is coming < and exiting the top at < direction

    in perspective that you are looking at the case on the side that opens.
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