Problem with my HD 6870 crossfire

hey guys,
so as my title states - always seem to be running into problems with "something".... a few weeks ago i made a thread and asked what was causing my graphics to go all wonky and had to restart my rig to get them to clear.. I thought catalyst drivers 11.6 and later were causing this issue and that seemed to be the case at the time.. Seems like whenever I was running anything later than 11.6 my graphics would get all screwed up as soon as i booted up a game but never while i was just on desktop.. Didnt get many responses on my thread and finally thought i found the solution by using a DVI cable instead of HDMI to DVI cable.. This cleared things up and I was able to run the latest version of catalyst again! OK.. So i recently added a 2nd HD6870 to xfire and a new case and everything seemed to be working great! Until today that it after playing Skyrim on max for a few hours - alt tabbed to desktop to check a few emails - went back into skyrim and graphics were wonky again like before - restarted and tried again with same results.. Anyone reading this have any thoughts as to whats causing this? Could it be time to RMA the first 6870? Maybe a drivers issue?
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  1. Forgot to mention - nothing is overclocked. Currently running catalyst 11.12 with the new profile
  2. UPDATE - I removed my older 6870 and now Skyrim runs just as good if not better than it did in crossfire!! Everythings maxed out graphics wise in game.... How could this be? And does that mean my old 6870 needs to be RMA'd? Sold off? Beaten with a hammer? - Also i'm using a 600watt OCZ modXstream power supply which i was told "should" be enough juice for these cards.
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