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I am having intermittent problems in Windows 98 with blue screen GPF and Illegal Operation errors. I don't know if I'm having a hardware or software problem. So I'm looking for a good Burn-In or Diagnostic Tool for Windows 98. I need something that can really "dig into" the hardware and root out intermittent hardware problems. Anyone have any suggestions where I could download something like this?

Here are the spec's on my PC:
> ASUS A7V Motherboard (without sound)
> AMD Thunderbird/Athlon 900Mhz
> 128MB PC133 RAM
> Maxtor 7200RPM Ultra/100 IDE Hard Drive
> SoundBlaster Live! Value
> SiS 6326 8MB AGP video card
> 56K PCI internal modem


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  1. hey bro...i dont know how hardcore a software you are looking for,m but the new Norton Utilities 2001 suite is PRETTY damn good (maximum pc gave it a KickASS award). You should try that...the first time i used it it found like 267 problems on my machine. hehe.
  2. DITTO!!! Norton 2001 is godsend. It is the only way to keep 98 up and stable. Not only does it find probs, but it even fixes them with a few mouse clix. There is even a system bench to check how your tweaks improve perfomance. Check it out and good luck.
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