Computer Software Power Requirements

Hello,Please advise how does one determine the power requirements of different software applications when operating eg.
word precessing, Spreadsheets, AutoCad.
This information is to enable me to estimate the rating of the incoming power supply to an office building which will have 452 computers to be used by Mangers, secretaries, Engineers.The computers owned by my client are basically two types with nameplate rating on the CPUs of A) 110V/6A; B) 100-127V/8A. The nominal supply will be 120V
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  1. Actually, what you really want to know is why network engineers, electrical engineers and managers are making the BIG BUCKS!
  2. Haha. I have yet to see a functional machine fail to run MS Word due to lack of "power". Not to be rude, but you may not be the right person for this project.

    If I were you, I would start by matching the requirements of the installed video cards and CPU. After that, its up to the system performance to run AutoCad and Word Processing.
  3. Go to the APC website, on the tab called Solutions use the configuration software and enter the type of server, how many and the same for your client stations, then you will get a true idea of the power requirements needed.
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