Free windows 7 64-bit recovery cd

i installed windows 8 preview n i would like to go back to windows 7
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  1. Then break out your Win 7 install media and re-install. There is no way to remove Win 8. Also, unless your system has a rescue partition or you have the Win 7 media, there is no free recovery CD.

    What exactly do you have?
  2. The only way to get a recovery CD is to contact the manufacture. After that, you will have to buy a legal copy of Windows 7. Tom's doesn't support piracy.
  3. Need more info.

    Is your computer a store bought computer? Dell, HP, some other brand? Then check if the recovery partition in the hard drive is still intact. Check with Disk Management.

    Before you do anything, back up all your personal data.

    If it is still intact, try hitting F10 or F12 when booting the computer to get into recovery mode. It will bring your computer to factory state.
  4. As stated before if you didn't over write your system restore partion there is an option to put it back to factory settings using F8 it can be found at the safe mode screen.
  5. has your computer got a sticker anyware on it that tells you the serial key?

    if it hasnt then im sorry but you will need to buy another copy of windows 7 to get the key

    it specifically says on the website not to install windows 8 preview on your main machine.

    the preview builds of windows are not meant for ordinary users as they usually bork up there installation

    if you dont have a key on machine then you will have to pay £80+ for a new windows install cd+key
  6. Know, thank you
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