$1000 dollar pc

Hello, I need to cut down on the amount spent on this gaming/school pc. Please help.
I am a novice at custom building a computer, so this is my first build. It needs to be completed by august 2012. I don't need an os or office software, but this computer needs to last 4 or 5 years w/ decent performance and no upgrades unless a part breaks, in which case ill have to downgrade that part because of little upgrade budget. Thanks and I welcome all suggestions.


Main uses: Running applications for school (eg word, powerpoint, etc.) and gaming with games ranging from deus ex: human revolution to LoL to skyrim.

Possible parts( need to cut down on price, but not much on performance.)

Case: HAF 922 blue (I like the Blue LEDs more than the red. And it needs mid tower.)

Motherboard: Asus p8z68-v (might get a motherboard w/ panther point when it comes out.)

processor: intel core i5 2500k (might get the ivy bridge equivalent when it comes out.)

Ram: 1600 mhz cosair vengeance 2x4gb (i want 1600 mhz)

Video card: XFX AMD radeon 6870 1gb

Hard drive: Western digital Caviar black 750gb(need 500-750gb)

Optical drive: Samsung sh-b123L (need a drive that plays bluray and writes dvd.)

Power supply:650 watt ocz zs series 80+ bronze series psu

Monitor: Asus ve247h(would like 1920x1080 led monitor)

Mouse: Logitech performance mouse mx (i would like wireless.)

Keyboard: Logitech g110

Speakers: Hercules Xps 2.1 Lounge(i really need separate speakers because i listen to lots of music.)

Webcam:Logitech c510(i need a webcam for skype calls and maybe for videotaping myself doing a presentation for school.)
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  1. Looks good the only addition that I would make is an SSD, I know that they are still very expensive but they make a huge improvement on the computer. With the release of SATA III the older gen SATA II SSDs are at a greatly reduced price. $100 -$150 or so for a 128GB. And the SATA II models are still very good. I have been using SSDs since they came out and I can attest to the great speed that they allow for.

    I would recommend putting W7 on the SSD and all the installs/media on a storage drive such as the one that you listed.
  2. Check out my $850 build here:
    Just a few changes that would save/give you more performance for the money.

    Monitor-wise drop down a bit, 21.5 is good enough or just a lower priced monitor. Most of your budget should be spent towards parts that would effect performance
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