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I'm running a 3570k at stock speeds and am seeing some odd temperature differences. During gaming, core 0 reaches about 43 C core 1 and 2 are about 4 degrees higher and core 3 reaches 51 C. Is increasing temperatures like this common on ivy bridge or any intel multi core cpu for that matter? Is this of enough concern to warrant a reapplication of the thermal paste? Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.
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    Every multicore processor has different temperatures between each core. It is nothing to worry about, because there will ALWAYS be temperature fluctuation between each core.
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    The work load threads are never spread across all cores evenly.
  3. Exactly what these guys said, and to add, no 2 cores are created equal so some cores will just run hotter than others while under identical loads. But in your case the program you are using has a core designation it is using which leads to certain cores working harder than others. It's no issue.
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  5. Alright good to know. Thanks for the quick responses.
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