Thermaltake chaser mk-i fans trouble

am having problems with my two big fans. they dont turn on
nor do the lights. need help on what cord to install.
am new to building comp and not sure if i connected everything right
am using asus p8z68-v lx mobo
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  1. Refer to your motherboard's manual on where to connect the chassis-fans, or you can use molex connectors coming directly from the PSU.
  2. fans should be connected to the 3 or 4 pin plug on your motherboard (might be labeled as "fan." or a molex connector to the psu. If the fans do not turn on, your fans may be not be receiving enough power, which I doubt or most likely they are broken.
  3. Have you checked where they are connected to and if they are connected firmly? If one is CPU (processor) fan be sure to connect it to the 4-pin plug on your motherboard labelled CPU FAN, it can also be a three pin plug. If it's just a chassis fan, as pdxalex said, try the molex connectors (the 4 pin plug coming through a wire straight from the power supply). Otherwise, spare 3-pin or 4-pin plugs can be used. Whatever you do, don't leave your processor fan unplugged, and try not to unplug it in the first place.

    Hope this helped :)
  4. If nothing works, most likely you got dud fans. RMA them with thermaltake.
  5. So did you ever figure out the problem? I am having the exact same issue!
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