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New Gaming Rig! Need Help!

Building a rig. intel core i3 -2100 processor, 6 gb memory. I need a new graphics card. Im planning on playing skyrim, battlefield 3, modern warfare 3, and crysis 2. all on 1280x720, with the best graphics i can get w/ my money. I can afford a Nvidivia GeForce GT 240 ddr5 (512 mb), or a Radeon HD 6570 ddr3 (1gb). which one will get me the best graphics on these games? what are all the ups and downs? Nvidia Geforce GT 240 ddr5 vs Radeon HD 6570 ddr3
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    don't get the geforce, its old and its worse than the 6570, if you have the money you should try for a 6670.

    you can probably cut down on the ram and put the extra bit into the gpu if you want to be gaming.
  2. With those video cards you will be playing at the low settings and the best way to see what games will play with what cards is to check out the minimum video card requirements for each game and then look at the Hierarchy Chart ;,3085-7.html

    The two cards that you choose are at the same level on that chart and as an example the game BF3 you would get a fps in the upper 20's which is barely playable. I'm not sure what your budget might be but you do want to look at getting the best video card you can possibly afford.
  3. A 6870 would be about the maximum graphics level that CPU can handle. How much money do you have to work with?
  4. For gaming I would suggest you hold off and save a little more money to purchase something much better than the 240 or 6570, they are complete dogs if you consider gaming with them with Bf3 , mw3 or Crysis 2.
    I wouldnt consider either of them, you are better off saving your money for better or you will be wasting your time and money.
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  6. Thx 4 all the replies. i really wasnt expecting to max out or play w/ high graphics in those games. i was planning on atleast getting better graphics than the consoles. I might be able to save up and get an Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, which is obviously better than all those cards. again...might. i found a hd 5670 for $70 and a 6650 for $85. are the differences substantially greater? or is it not worth it?
  7. also, a 5670 is better than a 6570, right?
  8. *HD 5670 ddr5 vs HD 6670 ddr3
  9. also, which one requires less power supply? and how much?
  10. the 5670 = 6570, its the same card but the ddr5 would make it better.

    also don't buy a 550 ti unless its really cheap as you are better off going with a 6790 or 6850 which will both be better for around the same price.
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