Cpu socket on asus p8z77v-lx

hi i just recieved the Zalman 7500 CNPS AlCu Heatsink and Fan for my i5 2500k and was removing the cpu from the motherboard socket and noticed that the micro pins that are under the CPU when placed in the socket are bent in one small area. i think it was due to the pressure during installation.

Anyway, now my computer will not boot. when i press the power butten the lights all flash on for half a second then autoshuts down immediately...

i tried switching the heatsink and fan back to the stock and tried fixing the pins for a while, then placed everything back to stock and it booted up but then i had to shut it down again, AND now it wont boot again. i tested my psu and it isnt that, nor the hard drive. i believe i have damaged the socket micro pins.

so Would this be the cause of the pins not connecting with the CPU? HELP PLEASE!

motherboard- Asus p8z77v-lx
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  1. OKay i again, tried and succeeded at applying the thermal paste and installing the stock fan back on and i notice that my cpu runs hotter than it was before?

    would this be a symptom of the same problem?
  2. Now it boots but the pci express slot doesn't work. Only my onboard graphics. Anyone? Is this a fault from the pins being bent or broken??
  3. Why would you take your cpu out to change heatsinks? Taking it out and putting it in is a risk everytime of static discharge or other human error.
  4. I took it out to clean off the thermal grease and re-apply. I'm new to alll this. Anyway, my pci express slot doesn't work now, the onboard graphics work but not the vid card. I've swapped cards so it isn't a faulty one. Anyone?
  5. Take a picture of the damaged pin. There's several hundred pins and some are more important than others. If we knew which pin was damaged we could tell you the expected consequence.
  6. also if the mb pin is bent did you flip over your cpu and check to see if it had bent pins??
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