Unknown Power Cord for Diamond Data disc drive HELP

Hey guys, just bought a Mac Mini 2011 model yet it doesnt have a disc drive. I've found my old Diamond Data optical drive yet i could not found the Power Supply cord for it. It has 3 prongs in the formation of a triangle in the port and a photo will be attached.

Thanks ia :)

http://s14.postimage.org/4lp1k3dgd/Photo_on_13_06_12_at_10.jpg" class="img lazy">
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  1. Probably going to be easier to get new ODD on the cheap than source it...

    Good luck though!
  2. Thanks mate, any shops/sites to buy them cheap ?
  3. what standards (and I use the word loosely) do minimacs use, if its sata/ide then they are cheap new. If its a mac special, then ebay? for a 'for parts' machine?
  4. It should be able to use sata, not entirely sure but apple has SuperDrives for a ridiculous price of $89, im not paying that! I live in Australia and have checked local tech stores such as JB, dick smith etc. Have been unable to find any odd's at all. Need to find out if there are any stores i can buy from or if i have to get it off ebay.
  5. can you show us the rest of the connectors on the drive?
  6. Just something like this?


    What is the model of your existing external?
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