AMD Radeon HD 6570 vs 6670 (All GDDR5)

Which is better and do you guys think that the 6670 is worth being more expensive than the 6570?

They are the same to me except that the 6670 have 150mhz more clock speed and that it costs ~20$ more.
So if I overclock the 6570 to 800mhz, will it perform like an 6670 with adequate cooling?

Radeon HD 6570 (GDDR5)
Transistors - 716M
Core Clock - 650MHz
Memory Clock - 900MHz
Config Core - 480:24:8
Bandwidth - 64GB/s
Bus width - 128bits
Price - 79$

Radeon HD 6670 (GDDR5)
Transistors - 716M
Core Clock - 800MHz
Memory Clock - 1000MHz
Config Core - 480:24:8
Bandwidth - 64GB/s
Bus width - 128bits
Price - 99$

I am a little confused here.

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. The 6670 is alot faster. However, if you can spend another $20, the 6790 is quite a bit faster than both and the core is actually related to the much more expensive 6800 series and not the 6670. The 6650 and 6670 are actually badge engineered previous generation 5670 (redwood) cores with a different BIOS.
  2. Thats what I don't understand, an 6570 has the same amount of Transistors and Cores than a 6670, but the 6670 just have a higher clock, so if I overclock the 6570 to match the 6670's Clocks, I should get the same performance, no? Isn't that logic?
    Correct me if I'm wrong...
  3. Also it is harder to overclock the 6570 to 800 because Catalyst Control Center only goes up to 700, which the GPU will easily reach, then you have to use other programs to overclock further. At least this is the case with the 5570 if I am wrong then someone please correct me. But I would just pay the extra money to get the 6570 if you can't get the 6590. What is you price limit? $100?
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