$2000ish Gaming Build

Approximate Purchase Date: March 12-ish

Budget Range: $2000.00

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming; Graphic Design; Movies;

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Monitor, Optical Drive, Memory, SSD, & Storage Harddrive. Also already have 1 Evga GTX 580

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: Evga, Intel, ASrock or Asus

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Thanks for the feedback in advanced

CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 (also considering the i7-2700k and doing a z68 build) - $299.99 (after combo discount with motherboard)

Motherboard - ASRock X79 Extreme9 - $344.99

CPU Cooling - Corsair H100 - $119.99

PSU - Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W - $239.99

Case - Cooler Master Cosmos II - $309.99 (after combo Discount /w PSU)

GPU(s) - EVGA GTX 580 x2 (as i mentioned above, I already have one in my current system) - $449.99 (After Rebate)

Total - $1765.00

Like i said above, I'm weighting the pros and cons of the 3820 vs 2700k, as well as x79 vs z68. It seems to me the x79 is the more future proof of the two, and with the 3820 being cheaper and almost on par with the 2700k it seems to be the way to go. And for everyone who might want to bring up the 3930k, going with the cheaper quad-core now, will make me feel better if I make the jump to a better Ivy Bridge-E processor towards the end of the year. Also what do you guys think about going sli now, in all honesty I don't really need it at the moment, but I've always wanted to build an sli machine. The thing lingering in my mind tho is PCI-e 3.0 cards coming out. Could always make due with the 580 I have and then sell it later and jump up to 2 PCI-e 3.0 cards.
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  1. Probably overkill for gaming but that's up to you, I should mention though that you don't need anywhere near 1050W. 850W would be more than enough power, even this PSU is $20 less and Anandtech say it's the best PSU on the market:

  2. i would nzxt switch instead of cosmos II.it's very expensive and still does not justifies the price tag.this psu is better-
    it's a very good unit.i read a review on johnyguru and it's a recommended product.quality product for a reasonable price tag ;)
    i would suggest getting a 2500k/2600k with a z68 mobo(P8Z68 V-PRO or DELUXE/gen3).they will serve you well.you can also upgrade to ivy when it comes out.
    MSi twinfrozer is my choice for gtx 580.if you have a 3gb card then pair it with another 3gb card.
  3. I agree on swapping PSU for 850w and a better quality company.

    Overkill for gaming but your money to burn...i7 2600k i5 2500k perform just as good when oc'd. Can also upgrade to ivy eventually.

    X79 will last longer but its not worth the cost imo. I'd spend my money on another monitor/graphics upgrades. IMO sell the 580..go single 7970, dual 7950's or Keplar.

    Case is expensive too..Again there are cases that do the same thing if not better for cheaper. Cosmos II for me is too big etc.

    **PCI 3.0 is not fully utilized atm. Even if you have it you will not see much improvement if any at all. It probably won't be useful for another few generations of cards/cpus/games. However its nice to have in case. And these days most everything will have 3.0 anyways.
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll try my best to put it to goo use and make a decision in the next 2 weeks. Will post some pics once I get everything in.
  5. well going x79 isn't so bad, since you can also upgrade when ivy-e comes out, and by that time if you got money go get something like the 3930k or so, about the gpu go with 7970 sapphire, it's the best one right now, and with case, yes the cosmos II is worth every money you put into it, its awesome on its own and put your system and boom you got a nice looking rig, and get dual 7970 with your extra budget, it's awesome just go with it and some cosmos II and a x79 mobo, you got the money and your willing to pay for it go with it,

    although i would go with this mobo


    for 249.99$ MSi X79A-GD65 (8D) mobo
    or the xpower bigbang thingy for x79, it's kick ass, and a single kit of 4 g.skill ram of 16gb 1600mhz cl9 and your good to go,
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