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For about 2 or 3 months I've been unable to post comments. When I click on "Submit my comment" nothing happens. I did a quick search and it seems others have had this problem, but nothing was mentioned as a solution. As with the others I'm also using IE9, JAVA and Adobe are up to date, and I'm running Windows 7 64bit. Awhile back I did come accross an issue with Google and mention of people having trouble posting in other forums. iGoogle is my home page. Has anything been determined to be the cause?

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  1. I assume this is in regard to posting comments on news articles in both TG and TH? I was going to suggest disabling any ad blockers or script blockers, but it doesn't look like you have any running. Otherwise, I would assume that it is an issue with IE9 if others out there are having issues, especially on other platforms.

    Hopefully JP or someone with some knowledge of this issue can chime in.
  2. Does sound a bit like a java thing. I'll check to see if this has been bugged up yet, and if there's a solution somewhere. When you click "Submit" does the site look like it's trying to load something? Or does it seem that the button itself doesn't work? Have you been able to post things on other sites?
  3. I havn't tried posting a comment in TH for awhile, so I just successfully added a comment. It seems my issue is with TG. It seems the button itself doesn't work, because nothing happens. I'm able to post in all the other sites I visit. Thanks for the help. Dennis
  4. Microsoft screwed around with Javascript in IE9 and broke a ot of things. Javascript ( is not the same thing as Java.
  5. Same issue here. I can post comments through the forum but not directly through the articles comment box.
  6. Sent you an email, ubercake. This thread is very dated, so I'm locking it down.
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