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Hello!!! Anyone would recommend an affordable PCI Sound Card, I only need is 2 channel sound card....

Thanks in Advance...
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  1. SBLive vaalue, Turtle beach, Phillips has a low end job too.

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  2. Creative SoundBlaster came out with a sound card some 15-20 years ago, and now everyone is still using their line of sound cards. Amazing.

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  3. Yeah,
    I started with SB 2.0, then to AWE32 non PnP, and now SB Live! 5.1.

    And believe me, if Creative keeps this up, next time i won't buy a Creative Product.

    In all i had great experiences, but with the SBL 5.1 all i had was problems and NO SUPPORT FEEDBACK from Creative.

    Crappy (to say the least) driver instalation, buggy and faulty LW3.0, bad drivers from their site for SB Live 5.1.

    The driver installation was so crappy, that the card wasn't installed when I installed the CD.... i had to install the drivers manually and the GamePort device refused to cooperate until a little while back (see "Problems with SB Live! 5.1 Bulk" post).

    I don't know what is happening to Creative, but their great products and support is going completelly down the drain.

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  4. Really... I have no problems at all anyway... but I hate installing their drivers. Makes the system slow to boot. I'd rather use the default drivers from w2k cd, although it doesn't work for d3d accelerated games, but, phoo. I don't play games anyway.

    This site is cool.
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