Hd 6850 Eyefinity

Ok, i plan to eyefinity wth a single 6850, The monitors are all 23.6" 1920x1080, Would i still be able to play WoW on medium settings? Or would the Card not be powerful enough? I already have the monitors just no the DP cable, i need to know asap just incase i need to return the monitors.
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  1. I doubt you would be able to since thats a lot of pixels for a card thats a midrange.
  2. Do you think i could run it at all? Would it be worth it?
  3. I think it should be fine at medium settings.
  4. its worth a try but you are probably going to have to only play games on 1 monitor.

    the 1 gb memory also could limiting.
  5. Honestly, Its WoW. I don't expect max graphics, and its like its amazing graphics anyway. I don't expect to be playing crysis on it or anything.
  6. I think it would run still. WoW isn't that good like skyrim...
  7. Exactly. I think it will too, i honestly think i might even be able to get high settings, as i said before, its not like it has amazing graphics.
  8. I guess since its wow, it probably would work but why play wow on 3 moniters?
  9. Yeah but when you maybe try to play Dirt 3 it may lag...
  10. WoW is amazing on Three monitors.
  11. Should be fine, and good luck :).
  12. Thanks guys (:
  13. Welcome :).
  14. Yeah should be fine, im running wow at 1920 x 1080 at everything maxed (except AA AS MSAA, etc and shadows and water but thats just because i dont like water on max)

    I get 60fps normally but in 40mans/bgs it does dip down to 40fps...

    this is with a single 6870 mind you.
  15. I have everything maxed aswell. But i want it with three monitors, not 1.
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