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I have AMD 1055t right now since AMD FX kind of sucks right now they pulled a Nvidia high heat and high power consumption just like the GTX 480. I am kind of in a bind I have a really good board sabertooth 990fx is there any decent cpu upgrades for this board. I do video editing and gaming. I am a huge fan of the saber tooth boards but cant put out the $230 for a 1155 sabertooth board. I am think of saving up and scrapping the whole platform and starting over since AMD is done.
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  1. I dont know why would you need to upgrade.You shold easily reach 3.8 Ghz on that board and your CPU is really good.It is true that even if you upgrade to the FX series you wouldnt see a big performance increase.Just overclock your CPU.No need for an upgrade.Or just buy an FX 8120 for 170$ and be done with it.
  2. Yep, there is no real benefit in upgrading from X6 to i5/i7 (I'm in a similar situation with 1055t and Crosshair Formula IV). The only worthy upgrade is to a six core Intel, but that is just way too expensive for most people.
  3. since your motherboard is good, you could stick with the 1055t a little longer and see how piledriver turns out to be. amd will continue socket am3+ a little longer.
  4. Definitely wait for Piledriver. 1055T is a perfectly fine CPU.
  5. Stick a good cooler on it and overclock, that CPU is still a good bit of kit. If piledriver delivers anything decent theres your upgrade if not you will easily run that current CPU till Intel bring Haswell.
  6. I have is over clocked to 3.8 GHZ with a Noctua NH-D14 cpu cooler. 16GB of ram and 2 5770 GPU's in cross fire
  7. Stick with it then that CPU is definitely not holding you back. If piledriver shows good there would be an upgrade if not like i said that CPU will keep you going easily till Intel release Haswell
  8. why are don't Intel have more K CPU's ? only thing I can afford is Intel Core i5-2310 which cant over clock at all. I like
    the older way of doing it using FSB to over clock. Leave it do Intel to jack prices up for the overclockers.
    At least AMD does not think this way.
  9. Intel doesnt have cheaper K series processors because they have no competition. If AMD was a closer competitor to them, you wouldnt have to pay a $240 minimum to overclock a Ivy Bridge processor.

    As for your setup, you have a very solid processor right now especially with the 3.8 overclock. Dont forget to overclock the CPU/NB as well because for some reason, Phenom II's really come to life with the NB cranked up. Get it up to 2.6 GHz minimum and youll see a very nice increase in performance. I saw the biggest bump in minimum frame rates in my system.

    Piledriver is looking to be a very nice upgrade. Trinity is about 15% better than its predecessor and Piledriver should only be better since itll be a full desktop processor with an L3 and all that so its definitely worth waiting on because youre right that our Sabertooth motherboards are awesome and once you have one, its hard to go back. ;)

    Now all that being said and since youre an overclocker, there really isnt anything wrong with getting a FX-8120 either. Yes Phenom's are faster clock for clock but the Bulldozers can get more clocks. You should have no problem especially with your high end cooler, getting clocks into the mid 4's. A 8120 at 4.6 will outperform a X6 running 3.8 all day long.

    Here is a comparison of a stock 8150 and stock 1055. This would be the same as comparing a 4.6 8120 to your 3.8 1055. The FX wins every benchmark except 1 and it wins them pretty handily. This is the thing with Bulldozer. It can be a very high performing processor if youre overclocking.

    The 8120 is running $170 right now on Newegg but can be had for $160 about once a month. If you live near a Microcenter then youre really in luck because theyre selling them for $150.
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