Computer wont display after new video card

I installed a new video card 560 gtx 2gb to my dell xps machine and the screen won't display. I replaced the computer with a brand new psu corsair 650 watt and still didn't work. The video card is plugged properly using 2 6pin and the fan is spinning. Also, I uninstall the onboard video card and still didnt work. Please help
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  1. Are you sure you plug the monitor cable to the card (not the motherboard)? Because if you do that the motherboard should switch to the card automatically.
  2. yes i did. I actually see the beginning of the screen for a quick sec before the screen turns black. I tried to hit f8, f2, and f12 but nothing happen.
  3. Go into your bios without the card and see if PCI-E is set as the default adapter


    Put your old adapter back in and uninstall all previous drivers


    Make sure your power supply is up to the task of your new card
  4. Do you have the power cables plugged in? :lol:
  5. i go into my bios under advanced, and I only see cpu config, sys config, power management, and post behavior. I don't see the option to disable my current onboard video card or set the pci e as default. Maybe i am looking at the wrong place?
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