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Hey, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I have an XFX 6970 and i have two TV's both are hooked up to HDMI one via the HDMI plug on the card and the second one via a minidisplay to HDMI. I would also like to run a third monitor but it only has VGA so i have a DVI to VGA converter, i know there is nothing wrong with the VGA cable nor the converter. I would like to use them all if possible. Any suggestions would be awesome! Oh and in CCC i dont see the third monitor but in the windows display options it does see the third one. And when i try to extend it says "Unable to save display settings " Once again sorry if this has been answered before. And thank you!
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  1. Is you mini Displayport to HDMI an active adapter?
  2. Hey this is what I have. 10ft. Mini Display Port Male to HDMI Male from amazon.com
  3. I failed to mention that I can extend onto the second Tv. The problem is when I try to extend to the third minuter. The vga one.
  4. Sound almost like you haven't use an active adapter for your mini Displayport. Check it. If it isn't, buy an active adapter.
  5. sorry im a lil confused cause the mini to hdim cable works just fine its the vga to dvi one that is not allowing me to use.
  6. That is because the you can't connect 3 monitor to an AMD GPU without using the Displayport via an active adapter.
  7. would you happen to have a link to one i searhed amazon but i cant find one. and seriously thank you bro!
  8. There are tens, if not hundreds, of such product selling on Amazon. I don't think I will be able to find out the adapter you have now is an active adapter or not. In case the adapter you have now is not an active adapter, you will need to get one. They are not that expensive.
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