Which midtower PC Cases?

I am a newbie to building but an experienced user fo PC's and software. I am going to be using a Asus A7M Mobo and would like to get advice on which PC case would be recommended. Space constricts me to a Midtower case with An ATX form factor. My budget for a case is $100 to $120 including a quality 300watt power supply. One site has recomended Alientechs midtower models. Cooling is a major factor in any midtower recommended.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Nano:
    I've read several good reviews for the Fong Kai FK320, esp. praising its thermal properties. It's an ATX midtower, and including the PS, you should be able to fit it in your budget. Hope the suggestion helps. Good hunting!
  2. I just received an Avance 7004 from www.phamcomputer.com. The case is great. Lots of amenities for such an inexpensive case. It came with a 300W Sparkle PS and best of all shipping was only $4. Good luck.
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