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So I've got THIS (we kinda agreed it was a mutant never seen before, true story, I can assure you you won't find any trace of it on the internet) and I thought that today I'd overclock that beast to see how well it can OC (or not).
I've got MSI Afterburner and Kombuster.
My PSU is a StealthXstream 2 700W and my CPU is an i7-860 (far from being the best but it does a good job) so my GPU isn't bottlenecked or anything (just thought I might need to mention that jus tincase some of you would ask for that info).

I'm pretty much new to overclocking and basically I'd like to know everything I need to about it ^^.
So, just tell me how you guys proceed when overclocking your GPU (s) including the Benchmarks used, how long it takes... (I'm guessing kombustor isn't enough :)).

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: this is what I've got so far :s

Oc'ing is easy with something like MSI afterburner or EVGA precission.

Just up the speeds ( core, memory etc. ) with little steps ( 10 mhz ) and see if it stays stable under full load, if not put the settings back a little bit.

Watch temps while doing an oc ! If they go to high ( 80-85 and more ) adjust fan speed accordingly. ( it should do it automaticly but still )

Better not play with the voltage if you're not familiar with that.
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  1. That from mr.Robjordy

    You can try some search engining and read this


    And yeah, robjordy is right. Trying voltage OC is risky.
  2. Oh, I took his word on that, don't worry :).

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out now.
  3. Don't forget to share and post the result :).
  4. Ok, just ate. Can get to work now (I never do anything with an empty stommach / without having showered / without having had my cofee :p).

    Btw, noticed something really weird. The fans at 960rpm at idle and in afterburner it tells me the max is 1140 on the right side and on the left side where the sliders are it's on auto and tells me max % is 26.

    Could that be Dell's stupid BIOS ?
    I'm going to go check the fan settings to see if it's easily solvable or not :)

    Fan speed curve is:
    -40% from 0 to 30°
    -50% above 50°
    -80% above 80°
    -100% above 90°

    What kind of software do you run to test your OC ? By that I mean what benchs do you run to see if it's stable or not.

    Oh and how do you reset the initiall GPU settings ?

    EDIT: I just wanted to see the temps if I messed with the fan settings (in the settings tab) so I put that 40% to 50. Then I put it back to 40% and the fan's at 1440 rpm when it used to be at 960rpm. How comes it changed ?
    The slider's max number bellow the auto button has went to 40 btw.
    Could it be that the fan setting tab wasn't giving the correct info ?
    GPU's at 23° stable instead of 25-26 now btw.

    Oh I get it :p. The Fan tab in settings is disabled by default. The Curve was the default recommended curve if enabled. That's why the fan was at 1440rpm instead of 960 after :)

    Stable at 860/1720/2004 http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=23423 tested in game too.
    Stable at 880/1760/2004 http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=23433

    Going to try at 900/1800/2004 now.

    As you can see I haven't touched the Memory clock... that's because the two others moved together and I'm kinda scared of moving the last one :p
  5. Try running burn in GPU program like furmark for I say about an hour and see if it crashes or not. You can try 950Mhz/1100Mhz first then if it's stable and running fine temperatures (while running furmark) you then can try different level of 1000Mhz/1145Mhz.
  6. I see some Memory clocks at 4000+ and others at only 2100.

    Any thoughts on that and how much would you suggest I increase (doing 20 by 20 as you can see on my results, might just jump to 950 after testing 900, not sure).

    Furmark 1.9.2 is what I used to test, used the "Burn-in benchmark 1920*1080 15min" it's a big square button on the right :p.

    Also, at what temps should I stop ?

    Oh and I wasn't quite sure about doing this today because it's still in my dell studio xps 8100 case which really isn't temp-friendly and is like a boiling kettle or whatever. Will have my rig in a huge Phantom case next monday evening. Should get better temps.

    EDIT: What kind of BURN-IN settings would you recommend ? My specs, I believe, are on the two pages I posted above (it's a 1080p monitor btw).

    EDIT2: what do you mean by 950/1100 ? It auto scales to 950/1900 :s

    EDIT3: Stable at 915/1831/2004 too http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=23441

    And I'm going to skip to 950 or 1000 now while waiting for your reply :)
  7. I dunno, OK if it auto scales.

    Do burn in benchmark 1920*1080 15min in furmark and monitor temperatures and be aware of crashes.

    If you get pass 900 jump out to 950, then if you past you can try 975 first then 1000 or just do straight jump to 1000 (just make sure you pass the 950 test).

    Just note of this:

    Cool = Below 30
    Fair = 30-45
    Average = 45-60
    Warm = 60-75
    Hot = 75-90
    Overheat = Above 90

    Make sure you don't have the temperature to be above 75, just to be safe.
  8. You missed edit 3 and apperently didn't check the links :p.

    Temps are 80 at the highest OC done.

    The case sucks as said so I'll have to check temps next monday in the new case :s.

    How about Memory OVerclocking ?

    Btw, only reaches those crazy temps with furmark. In game it doesn't go so high And it's at 28° idle instead of 25/26° when the settings were stock.

    Going for 950/1900, cya in 15 minutes :)

    EDIT: stable again lol... http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=23457

    Launched a 1000/2000/2004 :) idle temps are still 27 -28 XD*

    ***, crashes the drivers at 1000mhz ><.

    Crashes after 2minutes with 975...

    I have to say that I'd also changed the fan settings. Will try with stock auto.

    If it appears 950 is the max then I'll start increasing memory clock but I'd very much appreciate if one could explain why some dudes get it up to 4000+ and others only 2100mhz... that still confuses me...

    Crashed at 1000 with stock auto fan speeds within 20seconds. Trying 975. LEtting the temps drop before this time though lol
  9. :lol: How it crash? Go back at 975/1950 and do memory overclock to 2200 and see what happens. Make sure you do another stability test and make fans speed 100%...

    Then after you can do some benchmarks.

    Just stop doing extreme overclock when you don't need. When you are browsing stay at stock and when gaming stay with 900/1800/2011 :).
  10. By it crashed I mean OpenGL blablabla driver crashed + nvidia page opening in a new tab.

    when the temps drop back below 30 I'll try 975 :p

    Oh and by crashes I mean with furmark burn-in test on as usually. Without putting it on there's no problems at all.

    Ok, temp stabilized at 30, will go for a 975 test.

    Ok, 975 is definitely out of range for my gpu XD.

    By crashing I mean this error message with or without the fan and screen going off for a second:

    960 didn't work either. I'll leave it at 950/1900 then :). Knowing stock is 822 I can only be happy
  11. OK OK, good luck. Waiting for response...
  12. 100% fan speed Oo ? Trying to make someone deaf ?

    No idea why some get the memory clock to 4200 and others onyl to 2100 with the same core and shader clocks ?

    What do you mean by "Waiting for response..."

    I guess I'll go for an hour test or something like that after trying to overclock the memory clock
  13. No, it won't be noisy like that sorry for insane fan speed, but this is when you want to run benchmark to show off your score :). No need for 1 hour just some 900 seconds is fine... And there is much difference because I think they show it differently. Example, you can say that the WR for memory clock is DDR3 at 1800.1Mhz, but others can say DDR 3000Mhz.
  14. Mine is factory oc'd to 950 and i can't get it much higher. I believe you have to up the voltage to let the 560 run stable above 950. Better not go there. ( with my stupid card i can't even up the voltage :fou: )
  15. It's mutant so it's probably OK, but then We need to confirm first.

    EDIT: You're right. That GPU isn't mutant enough, need some voltage adjustment you can see lots of tutorials on internet.
  16. XD, I'm not benching for the sake of benching and showing off ridiculous score that can't be used daily.

    The reason I'm benching is to stress the gpu for 900seconds to see if it's stable or not.

    For the 4200 or 2100, I've just learned Afterburner displayed half of the actual speeds. The EVga thing will show 4200 when afternburner will only show 2100.
    All makes sense now :)

    People have told me not to try increasing voltage although I'd figured that was why it crashed above 950 so I won't (atleast not before my new case next monday).

    Off to test 950/1900/2200 now I know /2100 is stable.

    EDIT: tested 6minutes and 2200 was stable.
  17. OK, if you want some voltage guides you can ask mr.Robjordy to explain it.
  18. I'll pm him tomorow, it's stable at 950/1900/2250 at 2300 it was laggy and the picture was jumping (on furmark).

    Won't be able to go any higher without increasing voltage :).


    all the 560ti there right now are my benchs results lol.

    and here's the pages for each:


    And with the fan at 100% (actually can't go over 78%) idle temp at 950/1900/2150 was 22°.
    At 26% it's at 26°. So yeah... making the fan speed is kinda useless when you think about it. Right now I can barely hear it, max it was like a tornado -_-.
  19. :lol:

    Good luck of getting answer from mr.Robjordy.
  20. refillable said:

    Good luck of getting answer from mr.Robjordy.

    First time i'm being called a mister here :lol: watch out, before you know it i want to be adressed as your highness. :pt1cable:

    But ; no :non: no, no :non: no, no ! NO ! Don't ask me about upping the voltage, don't know much about that, as i can't push the voltage on my card. ( maybe good thing, otherwise i might have let it go up in a glorious blaze, knowing me . . . )
  21. Ok, no worries then, won't be asking you about voltage :).

    Btw, /2250 crashed after 20-30minutes of stress on furmark so I clocked it down to 950/1900/2200 and that ran furmark for 1:45 hours so I guess it's stable. Will go check in game and all.

    Good night guys.
  22. Good night and happy gaming. :)

    Thing i van tell you about the voltage is that mine runs at 1.15 i believe. ( not sure, not at home to check.)
  23. My widget is telling me 0.95V but I'm guessing that's at idle.

    Afterburner doesn't tell the voltage for soem reason. Will look around (gpu-z maybe).

    Oh, wait does messing with voltage void warranty ?
    Afternburner blocks voltage icnreasing by default and says it's dangerous so I'm guessing that's the kind of things that could void warranty.

    OK, MSI Kombustor gives the Voltage. Mines at 1.012V
  24. Yeh, at idle it's less. I use OC Guru, you can also try evga precission.
  25. Oc'ing does void warrenty, but they only know if you tell em ;) ( i think )
  26. awww Why the hell would they let you OC by simply downloading some software then -_-

    And it's weird that MSI and EVGA both made overclocking software if it voids warranty...

    But yeah, I believe that they won't find out if you reset the settings to stock. But, for some reason I think voltage is different and they can find out or something.

    Do you have a 560ti too ?
  27. Could be, specially if there are burnmarks . . .

    Anyway, i'm finished working, tomorrow will be my last day at this job. :(

    Later my Mutant friend :lol:
  28. probably ^^.

    Here's my 3Dmark11 score:


    Used to be in the left small bar before overclocking :p

    ok, I'm calling it a night. And I'm not a mutant :'(
  29. Lol.

    Back home again.

    I have a gigabyte gtx 560Ti SOC. It runs at 950 / 1900 / 1145. Weird card though.

    Know you're not a mutant, but we did make you love one :love: :lol:
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