Upgrade CPU or graphics?

hello, I have an athlon II x2 260 and a radeon hd 5750, I have enough money to upgrade one component. The CPU upgrade will be to a phenom II x4 965 and the graphics card will be to a radeon hd 7770. Can i please get some advice on which would be a better upgrade to spend my money on, I mainly use my computer for gaming
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  1. Also bare in mind that the 5750 is a little... "meh" for gaming :p You're gonna probably have a huge bottleneck once you upgrade the CPU.

    Best regards.
  2. I currently have the same processor. I upgraded my gpu from a gtx 560 ti to a gtx 580 and the cpu was so much of a bottleneck that there was only a slight boost in pcmark and 3dmark vantage scores. I'm now upgrading the cpu as well.
  3. Just updating one component will give you few improve. Updating cpu+gpu at a time will be the best option. Keep money and save more for both cpu and gpu.

    If you upgrade to new cpu, you will not get extra benefit for hd5750. 5750 will slow you down. If you upgrade to new gpu you will get extra benefit in some games which is less cpu intensive. So choose it wisely.

    Or you can upgrade one component and other later. Gpu for now and cpu later.
  4. I think the phenom II x4 965 will help in some games that are cpu heavy even with the hd-5750.

    sell the 260 and hd-5750 used... Buy something like a used hd-5830-5870 or 6850-6950, geforce 460-470-480-560-560ti-570. or a new card like a hd-6870, 7850, 560ti,

    If you have crossfire...

    The 5750 crossfires with a 5750, 5770, 6750, 6770.
  5. can you please give me an example of a cpu heavy game
  6. bluehowell said:
    can you please give me an example of a cpu heavy game

    Witcher 2, gta4. These are heavily cpu intensive game i experience personally. Skyrim, dragon age, mass effect 3 are less cpu intensive. Dirt3, Battlefield 3 in not a cpu intensive at all in singleplayer mode.
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