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Hello, I have a Hp a1600n with 160gbhd,512mb ram and the Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE(All from factory) Im looking to make it a gaming pc. I have mouse,monitor, and keyboard so I dont need those. Looking to be able to play at least Call of Duty Waw on at least medium graphics smoothly. Got a budget of 300$
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  1. If you can order from newegg, they might have an amd shellshocker combo deal in the next two days. But your budget is pretty low, and changing the motherboard will require a new windows coa. So for your budget, if you don't get the shellshocker deal, all you have is enough for a video card and power supply upgrade such as these:


    You can choose a different brand for the video card, but the sapphire gets good reviews and has no excessive noise issues.
  2. What is a windows coa? And should I Get more ram also?
  3. Your original windows installation only works with your geniune hp motherboard; there's a small bios string that id's it when windows loads. I've experienced this issue first hand; windows is around $100 for 7 home edition; craigslist might have one for less. You won't have enough for extra ram, but check craigslist anyway for ram deals. You might find 2 gb of ddr2 for $25. If you can order from newegg, the shellshocker specials are your best upgrade. The new onboard amd graphics should play your games at medium settings; here's today's special $280 before rebate including shippping: http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=ShellShocker-_-837646-_-03012012_1. Here's a new Lenovo pc that's $330 with coupon code: http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/70024/staples-lenovo-h415-desktop-pc-30991pu-amd-quad-core-a63600-2.1ghz-6gb-ddr3-500gb-7200rpm-hdd-radeon-hd-6530d-dvd-burner-win-7-prem
  4. The shellshocker looks like a whole new computer. Does it have all parts in it or do I have to build it?
  5. You have to build it. If you don't want to fool with it, go with a brand new system or the video card and power supply I recommended, along with 2 gb of ram off craigslist for $25.
  6. I think im gonna go with the Lenvo pc up there or if I cant get a extra 40$ just get the video card,power supply and ram. Also is the Lenvo better for gaming or the shellshocker?
  7. They're both about the same; the lenova has a quad core cpu but not the latest amd cpu with the graphics on the die. You can still buy a separate video card later; you can also wipe your hp hardrive after making a backup copy of your windows installation, and sell it intact to pay for part of your purchase. You might get $80-100 for it after reinstalling windows.
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