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Good Morning,

I am trying to gather technical requirments for a new machine I would like to build. Specifically I need heavy processing power due to the amount of data/math calcs/algorithms I will be executing on the system. would you please provide me with some suggestions as to what I should start looking at?

I currently have an i7 Q820 @1.73Hhz w/ 12GB of Ram on 64bit system and 256GB SSD - but I need more juice than this.

Thank you

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  1. Start by looking at a Z68 or P67 motherboard (LGA1155) and an i7-2600k processor. That combo overclocked to roughly 4.5GHz (with an aftermarket CPU cooler) is FAST, however you can go bigger with an X79 motherboard (LGA2011) and Extreme CPU such as the i7-3930k. ...which can also be nicely overclocked. When you decide, come back with a budget and I am sure the forum can get a parts list together.
  2. well it would be easier for me to help you if i had a clue as to what your budget range was
  3. Budget is ~$1k.
  4. At $1k you are looking at something similar to the build below. GPU is debatable if you are truely only doing number crunching...

    MB - ASRock Z68 Extreme3 - $122
    CPU - i5-2500k - $230
    CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 EVO - $35
    MEM - Corsair vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 CL9 - $50
    GPU - Integrated
    SSD - Crucial M4 128GB - $164
    HD - Seagate 2TB - $130
    OPTICAL - 24x DVD-RW - $18
    PSU - Corsair TX750 - $90 after MIR
    CASE - CM HAF 912 - $50 after MIR
    CASE FANS - Rosewill 120mm 4-pack 40CFM @ 18dBA - $15
    OS - Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - $100

  5. Thank you for the specs. for the SSD and HD would the HD be used as a secondary drive to store data and run the OS and Apps off the SSD?
  6. sjmp said:
    Thank you for the specs. for the SSD and HD would the HD be used as a secondary drive to store data and run the OS and Apps off the SSD?

    Yep! The only thing to keep in mind is that an SSD will loose performance when full. Best practice says keep it close to 40% free disk space and you are good. If you can fit the OS, apps and games all on the SSD then the 2TB is just for backup / storage and you should consider a 1TB / 500GB for cost savings. Otherwise just change the install path for your apps / games to install to the secondary drive.
  7. Thank you very much for your help.

    If I wanted to push the CPU to the next level should I focus on clock speed, cores, threads, cache size?

    And if you could recommend the next step up for the CPU would that change other requirements - power/cooling/ MOBO?

    Thanks again
  8. When you step up to X79 you get cores, clock speed, hyperthreading and cache size. ...all the above. You are probably better off with an overclocked i7-2600k over the i7-3820 since it can not be overclocked. I would recommend the i7-3930k if you have an interest in overclocking. The I7-3960x is just too expensive...

    LGA 2011 processors =>

    Good bang-for-the-buck MB - ASRock X79 Extreme4 - $205

    CPU cooler remains the same with the Hyper 212 EVO.
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