Will this website help me build a computer?

Hello, I'm a complete stranger to building a computer. How does one learn to assemble the parts together? Is this webpage good?

Is there a guide on here to step-by-step assembling your components together into a computer?
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  1. Check this out..

    I haven't read it personally, but it's here, so it's got to be good. :D

    Also, we all love putting things together without reading the manual.. if you haven't done this before at least looking over the manual for parts (particularly installing a CPU fan and the motherboard manual) will be helpful. :)
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    Also check this out, comes in 3 parts. They come from Newegg's Youtube channel.
  3. FScope, that's actually a pretty good article you linked. At least the prices are pretty much up to date. There will be variations on how CPU's and heat sink/fans are installed but in combination with the other links on this page you should do OK. If you need help on what parts will work with each other, mostly CPU's and Motherboards, get back with us. Answer the questions in this checklist to help us determine your needs.
  4. scottbmpls said:
    Also check this out, comes in 3 parts. They come from Newegg's Youtube channel.

    This is one of the most helpful video series I think.

    Part 1 is picking components
    Part 2 is the actual build
    Part 3 is installing all the drivers and software et...

    Should show almost everything, if not absolutely everything you need to build your own :) Well worth the watch.
  5. It's really not as difficult as you might think. You'll have to do a TON of product searching and such before you order anything though since you are new. Luckily for you, you can get a ton of advice and help on this site. Post your budget, what you plan on doing with the computer (as specific as possible), and any parts you already have here (monitor, keyboard, speakers, Operating System, etc.) and you will get a lot of help on good suggestions.

    I'd say the most difficult thing about putting the pieces together on a new build is either cable management or applying thermal grease to a CPU if you use and after market cooler. The stock coolers are pre-applied and it's easier for a new builder.
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  7. Thanks for all the replies everyone! The article here on Tom's is pretty useful, and thanks for evaluating the website. The Newegg videos are very, very useful, thanks!
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