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Hey guys,
This kind of an odd question, but which would you think is better? 2 27 inch monitors or one 32 inch monitor?
I recently got an older 32 inch 720p monitor for free, tho I've only had it for a few days now, I am starting to like the size. And I was thinking of getting a 32inch 1080p tv to replace it. But I've also wanted two 27 inch ones for awhile now. Which would have better picture quality and such?
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  1. You can get 27 inch monitors with higher resolution than the 32 in. 1080p tv. These will have better picture quality. But keep in mind you need a pretty stout PC setup to do so (especially if you're running two of them). So, the bottom line is you need to consider the specs of your machine before deciding.
  2. For what use? Gaming on two monitors sucks as the cross hair is lost in the bezels. And 720 is a low resolution so both are bad. For general surfing and moving watching the 32" is probably better. For doing actual work the two screen idea is what you want.
  3. One 27 inch is in my opinion better than 32 inch in my opinion 32 inch is too big. And 2 monitors sucks, if you want a real eyefinitynism or whatever you will call it I will go for 3 27 inches monitors.
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