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Building a comp for my girl friend

Shes looking for a budget system under $400 with a little bit of kick to it. This is what i came up with. LG22x DVD burner Rosewill Redbone black (She like red a lot) 1.5tb Seagate Biostar A880G+ AM3 Raidmax 530W G.Skill 4GB Athalon II X3 3.3Ghz
plus a 8 or 9 dollar keyboard to get her by

$386.89 after shipping

Plus a 6950 I already have at home

input would be loved
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  1. Do you already have Win 7 and a display?
  2. yep
  3. What she is planning to do with this computer?
  4. Shes doing some of her comic editing and playing some games
  5. Comic editing? Which software?
  6. corel and ps
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    jojoman211 said:

    Seems like an ok build then. However, I would suggest 8GB of memory due to the uses you listed eleswhere in the thread.
  8. ok thanks a tong guys, ill knock it up to 8gb
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