Why go with Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?

I'd rather go with this board than SB but I hear that I won't be able to play a lot of my games with TB because they aren't compatible.
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  1. How can game be incompatible with the sound card? I thought that sound card can be incompatible with the OS or hardware, but not any game; it is like say that some of MP3 songs are incompatible with my sound card. Just funny... heh

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. Whatever then....I'm retarded....I just remember people saying "You gotta get SB or be screwed with incompatability probs"
  3. That was absolutly true in the old days of DOS, sinc the GAMES had to bring the support to the hardware directly, and of course, Creative Labs was the defacto standard, thus if you had na SB you were free of problems, if you had something else... well it was a shot in the dark.

    Now, everything has changed.... if the OS (ie Windows) suports the soundcard (and it does suport the TB of course) and the soundcard works with DirectX (and it does) then it works 100%.

    Don't believe blindly in what you hear! - Play safe! Play hard!
  4. thx for the help!
  5. Really what you need to make sure it supports is the sound formats used. You can check out the Voyetta Turtle Beach site for this. The Santa Cruz does in fact support all of the main stream sound formats. Thus you should be fine. From the reviews that I have read, the Santa Cruz does a better job making sound and thus takes less cpu power. Thus a SB Live would eat up more of your cpu cycles. This is not important if you are running fast current processor (i.e. > 700 MHz). Hope this all helps.

    It worked yesterday! :lol:
  6. Go for the turtle beach, or sonic fury here in the uk, at least they dont have any of the isue that creative has been having, ha two years of hiding behind a bushel.
    I've the sonic fury, the drivers were a bitch to instal but apart from that she's a gem for games and 5.1 dvd's.
    can't remember the address for the via stuff, but the link can be found on the OC/UK bulletin board, all you creatives types should have a read, especially if you've a via chipset lurking down there............
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